Sunday, 26 December 2010


Before Christmas, finally Ive got an iPhone!!!!!
I had been planning to have it so long time.
I am really happy with iPhone and really have been enjoying with lots of nice application, especially related with camera staff although i have really lots cameras.

Surely, film is much better but still these applications works pretty well and fun.

Please, if someone know really recommendable application, any of them, please let me know. I am still beginner.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Recently, I have been drawing realistic staff for my work and I really felt that to draw something cute and pop quickly.
In addition, somehow christmas feeling.

I basically like black and white.
This is bit still challenging to use colour anyway. I wanna be good at colouring as well.

I will upload some more works on my homepage  in this year.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

World's End Girlfriend

One of my favorite musician is called World's End Girlfriend.
Experimental, noise and post rock music for me.
His music is really beautiful but sometimes you can feel despair and destruction.

His music is narrative and gives us imagination.
I strongly recommend this musician if you like some experiment, noise or post rock music and also negative feeling sometimes.

Awesome and Brilliant.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

UTGP 2011

I am really happy to announce this.
UNIQLO had a competition and my work has passed 1st stage which has only 50 designs left.

They will announce the 20 designs which will pass and they will produce to sell all over the world on February next year.
I really hope that I can pass.

I have been trying Uniqlo competition and this time was fifth time I think.
I have never won unfortunately. I feel I could do revenge with.
I really wish i can pass.

Please hope as well.
finger cross!!! cheers.

snowing snowing snowing london

Today, I went down to play with snow at greenwich park.
It was amazing there. Everybody were sliding down the hill with bended box and sledge. In addition, few people were doing snowboarding....amazing

I also slide down the hill with newspapers and bended box.
It was really fun to do with seeing beautiful view of greenwich.

I normally, dont like snowing cos it makes all transport jam badly.
However, it became nice on weekend n i had really good time there.

New Era XC

New era which is well known brand of cap had design competition and exhibition of 90 hats to celebrate 90 years in the business.

My works are selected in 90 works and showed on exhibition at London, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona and Paris.
Unfortunately, the show had finished already but it was really good n fun. 
There were lots nice design works.

Fortunately, you can see my work on several  blogs, such as 
highsobiety's blog

design week's blog

and also on vice magazine's blog with some few interviews.

Surely, you can see my work at my homepage as well.
It was really fun project.
The video below is the exhibition at Milano and I could not find video of showing at London.