Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Additional Info of UT

My winning T will be on sale at world's UNIQLO as I have posted.
However, there is a bit mistake of the date for launching.
In japan is on 28th of April as I mentioned in previous post.
However, in UK is on 5th of May.
Each countries has different date for launching.
If someone who is considering to get, better to check the date for.

Thank you

Monday, 25 April 2011


I am happy to announce this finally.  I could be part of winning on UNIQLO T-shirts competition.  I was chosen in TOP 20 which will be sold at all UNIQLO stores and web in the world. T-shirts will be sold on this Thursday, 28.04.2011.  Please check this out and if you buy, I wanna c when u wear it. Give me a picture anyone.                                                             I just wanna gather bunch of photos with people who wear it.
Thank you.!id=5201