Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Finally, my T is available at all UNIQLO store in UK!
If you like, please get it n give me a photo!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Additional Info of UT

My winning T will be on sale at world's UNIQLO as I have posted.
However, there is a bit mistake of the date for launching.
In japan is on 28th of April as I mentioned in previous post.
However, in UK is on 5th of May.
Each countries has different date for launching.
If someone who is considering to get, better to check the date for.

Thank you

Monday, 25 April 2011


I am happy to announce this finally.  I could be part of winning on UNIQLO T-shirts competition.  I was chosen in TOP 20 which will be sold at all UNIQLO stores and web in the world. T-shirts will be sold on this Thursday, 28.04.2011.  Please check this out and if you buy, I wanna c when u wear it. Give me a picture anyone.                                                             I just wanna gather bunch of photos with people who wear it.
Thank you.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Charity CD Cover for Japan Tsunami Relief at ototoy japan.

I was asked to design for a CD cover for Charity Compilation Album.
Japanese music download service like an iTunes store called Ototoy decided to make a series of 6 compilation albums called 'play for Japan' as a charity.
Each Album contains 18 to 19 songs from various musicians, such as world's end girlfriend andmono, and costs 1000 japanese yen and it will be donated for Japan Tsunami disaster and will lunch on ototoy website at 17:00 on 17th of March.
I was asked to design within a day for 2nd CD, 'play for Japan vol.2'.
As you must know this disaster in Japan, Japan is still in big problem and we need help more.
If you see this page and thinking to donate, this is one way for donating.
I am sorry but the website does not cover English I guess.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

sketches of new illustrated typo

This is what I ve been workin on at the time.
It is bit slow to work due to wokin after the job everyday, but I have done with all sketches and I am starting with complete with a pen.
I donno when I can finish and also I have some ideas which I want to work with afterwards. The work I want to is queueing. I have to push my self harder.

I hope I can update with announcing bout finishing whole illustrated typo next time.
Cheers guys.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Hard to get personal work with actual work

Having a freelance job and an intern in another company now.
It is kinda hard to do personal work after those works....so tiring.
For my actual job, I was thinking a bit with some ideas and came out to do for myself with bringing some ideas from.
I got imagination immediately and couldnt stand without start working on.

I decided to do new illustrated typefaces.
If you have seen my website, you would guess what I am goin to do.
I kinda enjoying with my new type but I can not do lots after those works.
I also have to go to bed early....and even one alphabet takes almost an hour to draw.
This will be hardcore and don know when i can finish with.

Anyway, Ill update soon.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

textile design job ?

If someone knows good way to hunt a job in UK, pls let me know.....I have been struggling.

By the way, I applied one work placement as graphic design job obviously.
However, somehow I have got offer as a textile design job.
My direction has been going different way with ignoring my thoughts.... However, this is still really interesting and I dont think i can do textile design in my future.
Its kinda fist time to do but probably last time to do as well.

Anyway, my website has been updated.
I upload one project.
More works coming soon.


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Helvetica VS Arial

I found one pretty good iPhone app.
The app is called 'Helvetica vs Arial'.

Helvetica is well known for all people and everybody loves it.
Helvetica typeface is kinda one of basic typeface in these days.
( I prefer Helvetica Neue by the way.)

On the other hand, Arial is not so popular even it must be known by many people. Arial is also default font in some computer.
The reason of people do not like Arial is because it is really similar to Helvetica and also it is said that Arial is kind of imitation of Helvetica.
Personally, I do not use Arial.

Anyway, This iPhone app is basically to distinguish between Helvetica and Arial.
This is kinda testing your eye how much detail you can be care.
This is pretty fun, especially for a graphic designer or a person who are into typography.

This is free app. Nice.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

My Website Updated.

I am sorry for being late to update my website.
I have updated.
You can find new category on the left at my homepage.
I have uploaded pretty many works.
Please Check it out.

In addition, I have more works to upload actually.
I will updated soon, and I will announce here when I upload.
Cheers x x

Great Music

Please Let me write about music which I found.
These days, I am really into music which is dramatic, electronic, ambient, post rock, experiment music.

I want to put youtube here about musician called Cicada from Taiwan.
Their music is really narrative and dramatic.
Really  beautiful music here.
Check it out.
Song called
Over the Sea / Under the Water.

Another musician from Germany.
A German pianist, who is Nils Frahm, collaborate with a German cellist, who is Anne Muller.
This music is also really narrative and brilliant combination between electronic sound and cello.
This is also great music I found.
Please check it out.
Song called
Journey For a traveller