Sunday, 16 January 2011

Helvetica VS Arial

I found one pretty good iPhone app.
The app is called 'Helvetica vs Arial'.

Helvetica is well known for all people and everybody loves it.
Helvetica typeface is kinda one of basic typeface in these days.
( I prefer Helvetica Neue by the way.)

On the other hand, Arial is not so popular even it must be known by many people. Arial is also default font in some computer.
The reason of people do not like Arial is because it is really similar to Helvetica and also it is said that Arial is kind of imitation of Helvetica.
Personally, I do not use Arial.

Anyway, This iPhone app is basically to distinguish between Helvetica and Arial.
This is kinda testing your eye how much detail you can be care.
This is pretty fun, especially for a graphic designer or a person who are into typography.

This is free app. Nice.

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