Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Charity CD Cover for Japan Tsunami Relief at ototoy japan.

I was asked to design for a CD cover for Charity Compilation Album.
Japanese music download service like an iTunes store called Ototoy decided to make a series of 6 compilation albums called 'play for Japan' as a charity.
Each Album contains 18 to 19 songs from various musicians, such as world's end girlfriend andmono, and costs 1000 japanese yen and it will be donated for Japan Tsunami disaster and will lunch on ototoy website at 17:00 on 17th of March.
I was asked to design within a day for 2nd CD, 'play for Japan vol.2'.
As you must know this disaster in Japan, Japan is still in big problem and we need help more.
If you see this page and thinking to donate, this is one way for donating.
I am sorry but the website does not cover English I guess.

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